Papertech cameras get high marks

Papertech Inc., North Vancouver, BC, says there are now over 200 installations of its WebVision® Plus high-speed event capturing camera system in paper mills in 23 countries. WebVision is designed to help eliminate breaks and other machine bottlenecks by providing real-time analysis. The company has also upgraded over 50 older camera systems.

• Recently, Papertech provided statistics based on a confidential survey of customers’ opinions from around the world. Break reductions were reported at between 65 and 75%; machine efficiencies increased between 1.5 and 2.5%; a speed-up from 6700 to a consistent 7000+ fpm was also reported.

One mill uses WebVision to monitor trim squirt cleanliness and sheet stability in several locations. Another mill said the cameras changed how machine crews tackled breaks: Having recorded images available before they leave the control room, they can remove the cause before tail threading.

Papertech’s "no touch" machine audit provides a report on what the WebVision Plus cameras can offer in terms of increased efficiency and paper quality.

Papertech Inc.,

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