Mark V Washer Drum delivers superior drainage

Tristar Industries, Delta, BC, Mark V Washer Drum reportedly finds balance between low maintenance and high operating performance in end drainage vacuum filters.

A weakness of current designs is that the time honored concept of maintaining a uniform filtrate velocity in the filter internals has been abandoned. In current end drainage designs the filtrate flows from underneath the corrugated decking in a segmented chamber in the filter head. Owing to the geometric configuration of the segmented chamber, the cross-sectional area of the conduit is much larger at the periphery than towards the centerline of the filter. This sudden increase in cross-sectional area causes an immediate reduction in filtrate velocity and consequently lost vacuum potential. Tristar addresses this problem with its patent pending Mark V washer with its Constant Velocity™ head design. Maintaining constant velocity allows the washer to operate at its peak potential. This results in improved performance and pulp washing. This technology promises: improved vacuum; greater performance over a wider range of production rates; higher discharge consistencies; lower displacement ratios; over-all reduced operational costs associated with pulp washing.

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