HDP: powerful parallel shaft gears from Bonfiglioli

Bonfiglioli Canada, based in Concord, ON has introduced the HDP (Heavy Duty Parallel Shaft) speed reducers to the Canadian market. The HDP series represents the latest in gear manufacturing technology and has resulted in a product with torque density at record levels.

The first four of a total of 12 sizes is now available worldwide. This new parallel shaft gear series is compact, powerful and technically unique. It can be installed in a wide variety of configurations, leading to a wide range of application possibilities.

The power density has been significantly increased compared to preceding models. The HDP 90, with 146,000 in. lb of rated torque, is the largest model now available. The new HDP catalog shows various designs, shafts and flanges, which compliment the basic model and allow it to be used in all mechanical engineering applications.

Bonfiglioli, which claims to be Europe’s largest manufacturer of geared units, says the basic advantages of this new series are: record torque density; top performance with high reliability; increased diversity of options for assembly and attachment compared with previous products; user friendliness; extremely quiet; a competitive price:quality ratio.

The four models now available are rated: 41,150, 57,960, 101,775 and 146,500 in. lb and provide the power for a wide range of uses. They are currently in two or three stages with ratios from 7:1 to 112:1. With a foot or flange configuration, with hollow shaft for slot and keyway, the new HDP units can be mounted to satisfy applications in mixing, stirring, conveying or lifting.

The motor is available with a full shaft in either metric or inch measurements, as is the direct motor attachment, which then continues as a "unit" to have the advantage of being a compact geared component.

In terms of output drive, either single or double full shafts in various designs, hollow drives with a slot and key and designs with a shrink fit coupling are in the program. A number of flange variations supplement the direct transmission options.

Options include oil cooling and heating, and heavy-duty bearings and back stops.

Bonfiglioli Canada, Inc., www.bonfigliolicanada.com

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