Hayward bus control for piping systems with automated valves

Hayward Flow Control Systems, Clemmons, NC, recommends its bus control technology for automated valve installations utilizing eight or more electrically or pneumatically actuated valves.

With bus control, all the actuators can be controlled by a PLC with just a single pair of wires. By comparison, in conventional installations a bundle of power and signal wires runs from the PLC or control station to each actuator with up to nine wires running to each actuator. In many applications, the number of wires can run into the hundreds.

With the Hayward bus control system, the actuators are daisy-chained on the same pair of wires with each actuator assigned a unique address that identifies it to the PLC. Only the designated actuator can read and act on the control instructions intended for it.

Hayward says the system reduces installation costs and makes it easier to maintain because fewer wire runs need to be checked in case of a system problem. Highest savings are for systems with eight or more actuated valves situated 50 ft or more from the controlling PLC.

Hayward Flow Control Systems, www.haywardindustrial.com

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