Flowserve Performance! Version 9.3.0 valve sizing and selection tool has new features

Dallas, TX-based Flowserve Corp., recently launched the 9.3.0 release of Performance!™, its control valve sizing and selection software. Performance! employs industry-standard ISA sizing equations, among other measures, to specify Flowserve control valves and similar competing valve products.

Version 9.3.0 include additions to the product and options database, and a faster and easier-to-use software engine. Performance! calculates valve noise on the basis of the latest IEC standard.

Offering detailed valve specification information, such as materials, accessories, actuators, positioners and other options in its database, Performance! provides complete valve sizing data, including flow, pressure, cavitation and documentation requirements. The intuitive tab system allows users quick and easy addition and alteration of the many options required for a valve application. The Performance! Sybase® database engine allows valve records to be isolated by user and project. The software is network-enabled for collaborative team design.

Performance! includes support for 76 individual valve models and 29 actuator models. There is a built-in pricing module for Flowserve sales channels which allows custom valve specification in addition to its standard valve choices and offers a complete data interface to the InTools® plant design software from Intergraph ® Corporation. Performance! can also export data to a CSV file or to files that can be read by most ERP systems, including those from Oracle®, SAP® and SSA Global Technologies®.

Performance! ISA-style output specification sheets include all the data needed to specify and size a control valve. Flow curves, detailed fluid information, valve drawings and a variety of charts and graphs are among the other printed outputs available from the program.

In sizing a valve, the Performance! process begins by recording pertinent data, such as pipe diameters, schedules and any required process conditions. Inputs can be changed at any time, allowing users to quickly edit project details and immediately see the results. Detailed fluid parameters, including density or vapor pressure, as well as the style of the valve being specified, are also easily modified.

"We find Performance! invaluable for our cryogenic applications," says Paul Greeson, instrumentation specialist, Air Liquide Corp. in a release issued by Flowserve. "You can set a variety of process functions in the program and even adjust for noise. You can use Performance! to see how fast a  valve opens or closes and to print specs and diagrams. Even if I’m specifying a non- lowserve valve, I use Performance! as a checking tool."

Performance! identifies, calculates and displays severe service conditions like cavitation, noise and flashing, and provides the trim options available to solve these issues. For convenience, full actuator sizing, including safety factor overrides, are done at the same time as the valve sizing.

Performance! runs on Microsoft® Windows® 98 or later, with Windows XP recommended. Network versions should run on Windows Server 2000 or later. The program requires 256 MB of memory and costs $75 per seat for a non-networked licence and $100 per seat for a network licence. A demonstration version is available.

Flowserve Corp., www.flowserve.com. http://performance.flowserve.com

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