Channel Monster XD handles extreme wastewater jobs

JWC Environmental, Costa Mesa, CA, says the latest version of the Channel Monster® grinding and screening system is suited for extreme heavy loading applications such as large wastewater pump stations. The system, which combines rotating drum screens and a Muffin Monster® grinder, accommodates high flow rates while grinding difficult solids to manageable particle size to provide protection for downstream equipment and prevent pump blockage. The extreme duty design gives the Channel Monster XD larger cutters, shafts and seal assemblies that are beneficial in dealing with the heavier solids encountered in high-volume waste streams.

Models greater in stack height than 32 in. (812 mm) feature 40000 Macho Monster grinder technology with larger 2?-in. (63 mm) hex drive shafts and 7?-in. (190 mm) diameter cutters. The stainless steel coil drums increase to a ?-in. (12 mm) diameter rod.

The mechanical seals have a hex drive for extra durability and strength. A new multi-drive option allows the drums to be driven directly by dedicated motors, precluding use of a gear train. PLC-controlled automatic reversal protects the system and allows cutters to clear blockages independently of drum rotation.

The new Channel Monster is designed to handle flows greater than 10 MGD (438 L/s) while maintaining a low head loss. It is powered by a 5- (3.7kW), 10- (7.4kW) or 15- (11.l kW) HP motor.

JWC Environmental,

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