ABB handheld units to configure, calibrate HART instrumentation

ABB, Inc.’s Automation Technology Products Div., Warminster, PA, has introduced two handheld units: one, the Mobility DHH800-MFC, configures HART instruments while the other, the Mobility DHH810-MFT, offers both configuration and calibration. Both handhelds may be supplemented to work with non-ABB instruments having HART support. The use of a single handheld across multiple instrument vendor products reduces customer inventory, training and configuration time.

The Mobility Handhelds support downloads via the Internet of updated firmware for their operation, as well as for Device Object Files (DOFs) of new and updated HART instruments. Purchase of a handheld includes a three-year download subscription.

The 2.6-in. (6.6-cm) square display has 13 lines with 128- by 128- pixel resolution. More information on a single display cuts the time to page up or down to find information.

A Review/Edit function lets the user scroll a list of all editable parameters regardless of their position in the configuration menu structure. A convenient thumb wheel and buttons on the side of the DHH800-MFC handheld configurator allow singlehanded scrolling, monitoring and editing the parameters. A keypad with dedicated alphanumeric keys, speeds information entry while improving accuracy as compared to navigating to characters and numbers.

The modular design of the DHH810-MFT hand-held configuration and calibration device allows any mix of NIST certified sensor modules for thermocouples, RTDs, voltage/current, absolute pressure, gauge pressure, differential pressure and vacuum pressure to be removed and installed while under power in  any of the three sensor bays. This flexibility simplifies calibration and reduces the time to find calibration source equipment. The high accuracy of the sensor modules (0.025% of full scale) can improve production and reduce variability from measurement error. With appropriate equipment, the NIST certification accuracy can be confirmed and adjusted in the field, or in the absence of such equipment, the factory can adjust it.

Optionally available with the DHH810-MFT is a calibration management software called Device Management System (DMS). DMS simplifies the creation and scheduling of calibration procedures throughout a plant. Scheduled calibration procedures can be downloaded into the DHH810-MFT, and data before and after the calibration is captured by the hand-held for uploading into DMS. This allows generation of calibration record certificates and provides a calibration history record for analysis of recurring calibration adjustments that may require instrument replacement before faults occur.

The ABB Mobility Handhelds use either non-rechargeable alkaline throw-away batteries or NiMH chargeable batteries. In addition, the DHH800-MFC configurator uses a lithium non-rechargeable throw-away battery. For AC operation, the handheld’s power adapter can be plugged into a of 110 to 240 VAC power source without having to select the voltage. A plug adapter kit is available to convert the US style plug to socket styles employed throughout the world.

The ABB Mobility Handhelds come standard for use in non-hazardous areas and are optionally available and approved as intrinsically safe for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D areas.

ABB, Inc.

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