World’s first commercial black liquor gasifier on stream

INorampac Inc., and T h e r m o C h e m R e c o v e r y International (TRI) recently announced the black liquor gasification project at Norampac’s Trenton, ON, mill has moved from commissioning to full commercial operation. The mill has completed air emissions testing as mandated by the Ontario Ministry of Environment.

The Norampac facility is the world’s first commercial low-temperature black liquor gasification system and has achieved over 18,000 hours of operation.

JJ Davis, the mill’s general manager said, “This is an important milestone for the technology and for the Trenton mill. We continue to be committed to spent liquor gasification at Trenton and are working with TRI to gain even more steam production and energy savings”

Dan Burciaga, president of TRI stated, “One of the key reasons this important milestone has been achieved is that Norampac and TRI have worked as a seamless team from the very beginning.” He said the two companies would continue to work together to meet their joint long-term goals.

The Trenton project utilizes TRI’s low-temperature biomass gasification technology to recover chemicals and energy from the spent pulping liquor produced in the manufacture of 500 tonnes/day of corrugating medium from mixed hardwood semichemical pulp and OCC. The plant was designed to handle the total black liquor requirements of the mill — 115 tonnes/day of black liquor solids – and supplies cooking liquor and process steam back to the mill to support the pulping and papermaking operation.

Norampac, owned by Cascades Inc., is Canada’s foremost manufacturer of linerboard and corrugated medium and one of North America’s leaders in corrugated production. Baltimore, MD-based TRI provides advanced bio-energy and bio-fuels technologies and solutions to the pulp and paper industry. PI  ThermoChem Recovery International,

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