Papermakers continue to develop new products

Who said it's a dull industry? To most of the general public, paper is paper. It does the job they expect and that's all they want. But there's always a better way to do any job – a fact that papermakers have always recognized – and they continue to produce new grades to carry information or protect products. Some recent additions to the designers' armamentarium:

—At its Austell, GA, mill, Caraustar Industries has developed StaSquare 32, a recycled paperboard grade used for hardbound books, game boards and POP displays. New wet-end papermachine technology provides a dimensionally stable product to insure lay-flat quality through the gluing process.

—Boise Paper launched Boise® FIREWORXTM, 27 colored papers which it says offers "Paper With PopTM". With names like Bottle Rocket BlueTM, Emerald ThunderTM and Hot Pink MimiTM —The paper industry? Dull? —the range followed Boise's in-depth customer research and is aimed at businesses, home office users, production centers, teachers and arts and crafts hobbyists. Select colors contain 30% post-consumer content. Weights range from 20-lb text to 110-lb index. FIREWORX replaces Boise's previous color brands, MP BritesTM and MP ColorsTM.

FIREWORX is only one of four lines Boise has re-branded. The others are: ASPENTM, its premium line of recycled papers; HD:PTM High-Definition Paper for high-end digital color printing; X-9TM, its multi-use pa - per for printers, copiers and fax machines. Often, the most nimble papermakers are the smaller players. For example:

—Finch Paper has six larger Finch Fine® iD sheet sizes to run on the recently introduced Model 5500 HP Indigo® presses. The treated, uncoated digital papers are HP-approved to assure superior toner adhesion and minimal press downtime. They are certified by both SFI and FSC. In addition to the current 12- x 18-in. sheet sizes, Fine iD Bright White sheets, in text weights of 50, 70 and 80 lb, are now available in 13- x 19-in. sheets to take advantage of the capabilities of the new Model 5500. Fine iD Cover Bright White sheets, 80-lb (10 mil), 100-lb (12 mil) and 100-lb (14 mil), are now also available in a new 19- x 13-in. size. Brightness is 98.

—Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc. launched its Envi by Monadnock™ Shopping Bag (SB), the latest addition to its environmentally friendly line of packaging papers. FSC-certified Envi by Monadnock SB is aimed at luxury brand owners who want to improve their ecoprofiles without sacrificing the look and feel of high-quality shopping bags. It can be manufactured with up to 100% postconsumer waste (PCW), as a direct alternative to virgin fiber; the initial introduction contains 50% PCW and is made in a bright balanced-white shade and features exceptional surface uniformity, smoothness and brightness for high-contrast, high impact graphics and brand recognition.

—FiberMark's new cover paper, Reprise™, is made from 100% recycled fiber, including 30% post-consumer waste. Reprise features a toothy vellum finish with visible fibers. Available in both a standard cover weight and a 25-pt. heavy weight for projects requiring additional stiffness and strength, it accepts foil stamping, silk screening, die cutting, scoring and folding, with superior hinge characteristics. It is offered in nine colors from wheat to kohl. FiberMark is FSCcertified.

These are just a few recent examples of papermakers getting out in front and expanding their lines. Other ways to lay out their wares include sponsoring competitions for designers to use particular brands to produce eye-catching print vehicles. Sappi and Appleton Coated are two such companies.

Imaginative use of papermaking technology and continued development of new grades are sure ways to insure the health of this industry. PI

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