Clothing tension control means better paper

WA technical paper1 from Erhardt+ Leimer provides comprehensive guidelines for mounting and using automatic tensioning and guiding equipment for wires, felts and dryer screens in the wire, press and dryer sections. The authors describe the interactions between tension and guiding control by explaining the theory of guiding performance. Discussed are which process conditions influence fabric tension, how the tension affects machine conditions and paper characteristics, and how automatic tension control can help papermakers to improve these. The paper also shows how to prevent problems in guiding and tensioning control by following mounting recommendations for the equipment.

1 Stretching and Guiding of Wires and Felts - Application Guidelines, Tobias Hain*, Martin Brügmann**, Edward Unger**, * Division Manager, Paper Manufacturing Division, ** Area Sales Manager, Paper Manufacturing Division, Erhardt+Leimer GmbH, Leitershofen/Augsburg, Albert-Leimer-Platz 1, 86391 Stadt ber gen, Germany, Copies available from the authors or Todd Guzzardo, NA Sales and Marketing Mgr., e-mail Erhardt+Leimer,

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