B.C. company patents new process for recycling paper

Burnaby, B.C. - SANATA Technologies has developed and patented a new process utilizing lignum that captures a higher quality of fibre in recycled paper when it is returned back into pulp.

The company driven by a research team whose knowledge and experience spans more than a century, SANATA is now licensing the technology to chemical manufacturers and recycling paper mills.

The company claims the new process is cleaner, more environmentally friendly as well as more cost effective as it reduces energy requirements.

The company’s solution does not rely upon technology but instead uses its process to combat lignocellulosic hornification and produce stronger fibres that are more like the new fibres.

The company is founded by a husband and wife team Dr. Nagla Dawelbait PhD and Dr. Salah Awadel-Karim PhD, who for the past two decades have been studying ways to improve the quality of recaptured fibre from recycled materials and reducing wastewater.

Dr. Awadel-Karim, company president, is a chemical engineer who specializes in the recycled paper and a former researcher at the University of B.C. in Vancouver. He has authored studies and contributed to international publications on topics relating to chemical engineering and cellulose technology. He founded SANATA in 2003.

Wife Dr. Dawelbait, vice-president, has worked in the field of forest products and cellulose technology for more than 20 years in Sudan and Italy, earning her PhD at Italy’s Padova University, She has been involved with environmental and ecological issues while working in the field of forest ecology with the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, University of Khartoum and Padova University. She joined SANATA Technologies in 2010.

Other members of the team ware Marco Goldoni, a chemical engineer with 15 years in recycled paper production management, start-up and installation, Mousa Nazhad, PhD, who has 25 years in the pulp and paper industry sector and has served as professor at the Thailand Asian Institute of Technology and also participated at UBC’s pulp and paper centre and Yassir Rashid, MSc., an electrical engineer serving in the capacity of business development.

For more information on the process that uses lignin to recycle paper back to pulp, see the company website below.


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