FFIF abandons collective forest industry bargaining

Helsinki, Finland - The Finnish Forest Industries Federation (FFIF) is abandoning collective bargaining in the Finnish labour market.

Rather than negotiating long-term industry-wide contracts with national unions, bargaining will be left up to member companies and their employees. Companies will agree directly with their workforces on salaries, shifts and working conditions that are not regulated by law

The move is historic, as the forest products industry and the collective bargaining system have both been mainstays of the Finnish economy for decades. The Collective Agreements Act took effect in 1946, replacing one ratified in 1924, just a few years after Finland gained independence.

“We are building a new culture of dialogue, because we want Finland and the Finnish forest industry to succeed in the future as well. The different needs of companies in different situations can be better met when employment terms and conditions are decided upon at the company and product group level,” said FFIF board chair Ilkka Hämälä, who is also CEO of Metsä Group.


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