Fabio Perini on a roll with 100 Constellation sales

Lucca, Italy - Five years after launching by Fabio Perini, the Constellation technology has reached the milestone of 100 lines sold to approximately 40 different customers in five continents.

“Born and completely designed at Fabio Perini, Constellation confirms its position as a landmark in the tissue world,” said Mauro Luna, global sales director. “In a few years, it has attained global success, offering the perfect winding, which had never been reached by traditional technology. This goal has been achieved while preserving the product softness and winding quality from the beginning to the end of the roll”.

“When we presented the project the first time, everyone in the company immediately understood its potential,” said Roberto Morelli, research senior mechanical designer. “We needed to produce an efficient re-winder that could improve or replicate the Syncro technology. With Constellation we were able to overcome it, introducing a series of technologies that make it different from all the others on the market”.

“Constellation has overcome the limits of the three-rolls machines with an unprecedented geometry,” said Franco Montagnani, company research electronic design coordinator. The total mobility of its four winding rolls allows Constellation to provide the highest quality of re-winding even in the initial phase of the log creation. “Its advantages in terms of volume and ease of use were so evident that, when we presented the prototype-level offer, our customers were so enthusiastic that they immediately decided to invest in the new machine”.

Constellation allows producing rolls with higher density or larger diameter for the same length of tissue wound and embossing is always defined, from the first to the last sheet.

Constellation has made it easier to create products that used to be very difficult to manage. In spite of being a highly evolved technology, it is distinctive for its ease of use.

Therefore, no further training is needed: once the setup of the parameters related to the product is finalized, all operations become very easy thanks to its intuitive control panel.

“Our customers have appreciated the differences in quality and technology right from the beginning, by determining its sales success,” said Massimo Grandi, Fabio Perini’s area sales director.


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