Valmet pulp screening portfolio delivers versatility/performance

Screening plays an important role in keeping fibre processing operations up and running.

Valmet’s wide installed base extends across the globe with proven technology for fine screening, combination screening and coarse screening technology. Delta and HI-Q series screens and knotters, and their unique rotor technologies, reflect the engineering expertise and maintenance-friendly design first developed by OEM brands Beloit, IMPCO and GL&V. Valmet is now the original equipment manufacturer for each of these trusted screening legacies.

With a global installed base of thousands of screens, Valmet technology is proven to improve screening performance in applications such as: bleachable grade kraft brown stock, bleachable grade sulphite brown stock, high kappa kraft, thick stock screening, black liquor filtration, acid and bleach filtrate.

Whether a mill is investing in a new pulp screen, rebuilding existing screening equipment, or planning maintenance for an upcoming shutdown, Valmet is the OEM partner mills can trust to help minimize downtime and maximize performance.

Valmet also offers a screen exchange program that enables mill teams to address efficiency and performance concerns from older equipment with improved rotors, bearing columns and screen baskets.

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