Esko meters conserve water

Vancouver, BC-based Esko Pacific Sales, manufacture meters specifically for process industries with pumping arrangements such as pulp, chemical and mining. These industries need seal water to cool the seal and shaft, lubri cate the seal and flush away impurities.

Without adequate controls, systems can consume far more water than necessary. Effectively controlling the seal water temperature, system pressure, pump rotation speed and process or product temperature can help reduce costs and streamline maintenance and reliability.

Exceeding specified flow requirements for each type of seal is an easy option to cool, flush away impurities and provide lubrication, but it doesn’t necessarily translate into operational benefits — reducing water consumption.

Effectively managing seal water use can save money on water consumption, wastewater treatment as well as improve seal reliability, reduce equipment down-time and improve compliance with environmental guidelines. Seal water metering solutions come with clear and visible in-line flow meters, control valves, check valves, alarm sensors and pressure gauges. Quick-clean and anticlog features are available.

Esko Pacific Sales,

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