BRUKS drum chippers for every application

While typically used for whole log and wastewood chipping, BRUKS drum chippers have the ability to convert all sorts of woody biomass materials to a granular, easily fed raw material for a variety of processes. Drum chippers used in veneer plants take the waste veneer, plus cores, spin-outs, and trimmed log ends all together, to make a high quality chipped product. Sawmill waste - wood including trim blocks, edgings, boards, and even oversized chips can all be fed directly into the drum chipper for complete processing. Internal screens ensure the final product is uniform in size and free of strings and overs. Whole log chipping, especially when micro-chips are needed, is a great strength of the BRUKS drum chipper. The feed rolls orient and feed logs at the correct speed and angle to make chips at just the right size. High capacity drum chippers can be used after drum debarkers, and can handle the surging that occurs there.


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