High definition print with 2D barcode traceability for pulp bales

Surrey, B.C. – Samuel Packaging Systems Group, coding and labeling division, has recently developed and installed an automated pulp bale printing system at Paper Excellence’s Howe Sound Pulp and Paper mill located in Port Mellon, B.C.

The installed printing system provides the Howe Sound Pulp and Paper mill with a technologically advanced yet robust printing system able to mark the pulp bales with high quality text, logos and 2D barcodes.

Robust 2D barcode provides easy scanning of the pulp bale at distances up to 40 feet in the mill environment, at extreme angles and varying lighting ranging from a dimly lit warehouse to full sunlight. Off-the-shelf hardware is used to scan bales to facilitate warehousing, shipping, order fulfillment – the accurate data collected forms the basis for a fully computerized product inventory and tracking system.

This new generation of industrial printing equipment offers proven performance with the following key features:

• 2D barcodes are printed and verified – with zero downtime options available
• High quality printing of text and logos
• Robust print heads with service exchange program options
• Proven low cost and low maintenance inks for repulp
• Advanced computerized print controls
• Full system diagnostics and remote support capability is standard

Samuel coding and labeling systems are supported by a team of qualified engineers, technical sales specialists and field service technicians with credible industry knowledge and experience.

Samuel Systems, www.samuelsystems.com

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