Russia’s Ilim Group sets record 2019 capital expenditures

St. Petersburg, Russia - Russian company, JSC Ilim Group, a leader in the pulp and paper sector and ranked 64th largest company in Russia by Forbes, has announced that last year it spent more than US$ 715 million to upgrade its mills.

The capital expenditure is double that spent the previous year in 2018. In 2019, JSC Ilim Group completed several significant investment projects, including the KLB Line rebuild project in Bratsk which had a capital expenditure value of US$ 120 million to drive a 50% increase of the finished products output up to 295,000 tons per year.

Another key project in 2019 was the pulp line upgrade in Ust-Ilimsk worth more than US$ 102 million, which will add another 50,000 tons to the company’s aggregate annual finished products output. Several projects are now in the implementation stage, including the Big Ust-Ilimsk, the company’s biggest project. Construction of a new pulp and paperboard mill in Ust-Ilimsk will allow it to produce more than 600,000 tons of board per year and will make JSC Ilim Group one of the world’s largest manufacturers of unbleached packaging materials.

According to the 2019 results, Ilim has retained its leadership in the pulp and paper market. The aggregate finished products output totalled 3.2 million tons. In 2019, Ilim Group mills produced two million tons of pulp, 780, 000 tons of packaging materials, 338,000 tons of white papers, 76,000 tons of forest chemicals and 256 million square metres of corrugated packaging.

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