Fluoron offers solutions for static build-up on process rollers

Static electricity has long been recognized as a serious workplace hazard in the pulp and paper industry, exposing employees to electric shock, fires and explosions. Static build-up on process rollers is most common in dry areas of the machine.

In a conductor, electrons move freely about throughout the entire body. Therefore, a charged conductor can be neutralized simply by connecting it to earth ground. An insulator reacts much differently because electrons do not flow freely through the material. In other words, the built-up charge is “static”, and the material cannot be neutralized by simply grounding it to earth. Because of this, an insulator retains the static charge on its surface until a discharge source presents itself and the electrons “jump” from one material to the other resulting in an electric arc.

While heat shrinkable roller covers made out of Teflon™ are popular in the paper industry to provide a smooth non-stick surface, they are also insulators and easily gain electrons from repeated contact with webs and felts, increasing the risk of static discharge.

Fluoron engineers have designed a way to eliminate this problem through the use of graphite fillers to develop what they claim as the world’s best conductive sleeves for dry area applications.

Fluoron’s Fluoro-Stat 102 Heat Shrinkable Fluoro polymer Roller Covers are made from abrasion resistant PTFE and are engineered specifically for areas that are susceptible to static buildup. They have the additional advantage of having 10 times the wear life of traditional FEP fluoropolymer covers.

Through the use of optimized graph ite loading levels and a proprietary conductive underlayer, Fluoron has been providing anti-static, non-stick and corrosion resistant solutions on process rollers for over 30 years.

Fluoron’s conductive heat shrinkable sleeves are available for rollers with a diameter over 5-in. and any face length. Fluoron offers year-round access to expert technicians to install them at their facility or yours.

Consultation with Fluoron’s technical experts can assist with your process issues. Fluoron will provide recommendations and free sample coupons to test out products in your process.

Fluoron, Inc., www.fluoron.com

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