CGIS partnering across Canada with DHB Valves

Vancouver, Canada - As CGIS celebrates its 40th year in business, it also has partnered DHB Valves, with the end goal of providing further service into Central and Eastern Canada.

CGIS is a valve distributor headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, that specializes in severe service values and works in major industries such as pulp and paper.

DHB Valves is a valve repair, reconditioning, and sales organization is based out of Montreal, Quebec. The company has been fixing valves since 1982 and is nearing four decades in business. Through building strong working relationships with a number of local and national brands, DHB has established itself as a trusted name for valve repair and sales in Eastern Canada, handling everything from marine and metric valves to severe service valves and safety valves.

The partnership between DHB and CGIS is designed to grow both brands’ market potential across the nation. The partnering brings together 80 years of knowledge and experience.

CGIS president Dave Friesen said: “By partnering with DHB we have expanded our knowledge of the total life-cycle cost which solidifies our ability to help our clients to enhance sustainability, work safer and improve bottom line performance.”

Besides a focus on customer-oriented outputs and service, the collaboration of the two brands will bring the addition of new product lines and a reach into new industries.

DHB president, Marcello Lisi said: ”This partnership is an opportunity to better serve our customers with the combined strengths of DHB and CGIS. DHB’s policy is to consistently provide quality services that exceed customer expectations. By partnering with CGIS we believe we can serve our customers in a much greater capacity and offer complete turnkey valve solutions.”

DHB Valves and CGIS complement each other not only in the products and services they offer in their respective geographical regions but also in their company values.

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