Kadant Johnson launches new PT2X steam joint

Three Rivers, Mich. – Kadant Johnson LLC, a subsidiary of Kadant Inc. (NYSE: KAI), launched the new PT2X steam joint for paper drying applications.

The patent-pending design is capable of 25% higher operating pressure than traditional paper dryer steam joints and a new cartridge design includes a high-visibility wear indicator and a protective shroud. This enables paper mills to increase operating pressures, plan maintenance, and improve uptime.

“Containerboard packaging producers’ growing preference for steel dryers that operate at high steam pressures challenged us to innovate at a whole new level using an iterative approach,” said Wes Martz, president of Kadant Johnson.

“The patent-pending PT2X steam joint was designed for high-pressure drying applications using 200 psig steam to maximize drying capacity in combination with extended seal life and enhanced safety and maintenance features.”

Isaac Romero, lead PT2X rotary joint design engineer, said: “When we developed this product, we understood extended time between planned maintenance and serviceability makes plants more profitable. By designing a high-visibility wear indicator, plant personnel can assess the wear of the seal ring at a glance with no measuring tools needed. When service is needed, the seal cartridge design makes it easy to swap out a worn seal cartridge.”

The PT2X rotary joint is part of a system that includes Kadant Johnson stationary syphons and Turbulator Tube bars. Together, they allow paper dryers to operate their steam and condensate system over a wide range of conditions, with flexibility and reliability.


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