Need help moving pulp and paper products?

Con-Vey can provide all the elements to analyze, upgrade, and custom engineer - as well as manufacture - bulk-handling equipment whether the end-use is the movement of wood fiber, bark, biomass products, agricultural materials, aggregates, minerals, waste, plastics, composites, or recycled products.

The company, which has been producing specialty conveyors and complete systems since 1946, is also known for its ability to provide solutions to unique specifications and requirements.

To improve efficiency and reliability of existing inplant equipment, Con-Vey can provide analysis of systems and provide any required upgrades. Conveyors can be designed to replace existing worn out or undersized equipment in most cases.

Con-Vey also collaborates with its sister company, 7robotics, to supply automation and robotic solutions. Out of its full-service facilities based in Roseburg, Oregon, 7robotics and Con-Vey work together to create complete systems in material handling, such as robotic material handling and robotic glue applications.

Con-Vey specializes in totally enclosed tube belt conveyors along with belts, drag chain, and box chain conveyors. The equipment can be engineered to incorporate a variety of options such as: chutes, diverters, and storage.

Some of the heavy industrial equipment that Con- Vey custom engineers and manufactures includes: totally enclosed tube belt conveyors, chain-ways and transfers, drag chain and box chain conveyors, wide belt bulk conveyors, waste beltways, log conveyors, vibrating conveyors, incline and decline conveyors, storage bins and silos, transitions and gates, feeding bins, discharge chutes, walkways and platforms, service ladders and stairs.

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