Canadian tech revolutionizes the electrical plug with magnetic design

VoltSafe is redefining the way the world connects to electricity with the very first prong-less magnetic electrical plug. Its patented technology creates a safer, simpler, and smarter alternative to the traditional pronged plug.

VoltSafe’s revolutionary design hasn’t been seen since electricity first came into homes more than a century ago. The company’s prong-less plug is so innovative, there have been no certification standards that have existed for it, until now. With years in development, the company has recently achieved a SIL3 (safety integrity level 3) rating for its first to market product, the magnetic block heater plug. This is the highest safety integrity level that is economically feasible for industrial applications.

“We challenged the world standard for electrical plugs and won,” says Trevor Burgess, CEO of Volt- Safe. “For our prong-less design to receive such a high level of safety certification across North America is unprecedented and groundbreaking. We’re excited to bring the electrical plug into the 21st century with safer and more energy efficient technology for consumers and global industries.”

VoltSafe’s plug technology uses proximity and sensing-based actuation methods. Instead of metal prongs plugging into an outlet where live electricity is easily accessible, this invention has a flat receptacle with circular contacts that magnetically connect with a plug of a similar and complementary configuration. With this new patented technology, electricity does not flow until both sides are fully connected and a fingerprint-like check takes place. The plug’s surface is always completely safe to touch. This eliminates possibility of electrocution (there is no live electricity accessible), reduces the risk of arcing (sparks/fires), and injury or damage, as it connects and disconnects easily and quickly.

VoltSafe plugs automatically sense what is connected, and immediately deliver the level of power/voltage/amperage necessary (be it a phone, stove or even a large piece of machinery). Additionally, the VoltSafe design includes an easy-to-use adaptor that retrofits onto existing plugs in any country – creating the world’s first universally compatible plug.

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