Yale high-capacity lift truck designed for manoeuvrability

Greenville, NC - LE, N.C. – Yale Materials Handling Corporation announces a new addition to its high-capacity range of lift trucks, specifically designed to maximize manoeuvrability in dense storage configurations. Available in 15,500 and 17,000-pound capacities, the Yale GP155-170SVX ICE pneumatic tire forklift offers a shorter counterweight, turn assist system, optimized forward visibility and a rear-view display to optimize control in confined, congested spaces.

A shortened counterweight design enables a more compact truck, reducing overall length by up to 12.8 inches, to help improve manoeuvrability through tight spaces while maintaining residual capacity. At maximum steering angles, turn assist applies the brake to the inside drive tire for a tighter turning radius regardless of load weight or road surface conditions. The new standard mast design provides operators with a significant front field of view, helping optimize visibility of forks and load. The optional rear-facing camera with LCD display offers a 118-degree range of vision to help operators monitor the rear of the truck while manoeuvring and changing directions.

“From seasonal stockpiling to soaring inventories, space is at a premium – especially as rising commercial real estate costs make expansion and new construction prohibitively expensive,” says John Santiago, director, counterbalance product planning and solutions for Yale Materials Handling Corporation. “Instead, operations can adopt a more costeffective solution to get the storage capacity they need – optimizing existing space with an efficient, dense layout – and this truck equips operators for success in those environments, with the best manoeuvrability among class leaders.”


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