New technology improves safety on recovery boilers spout deck

A spout deck on a recovery boiler can be a dangerous area for operators and Valmet has been working to find safety solutions in this area that will reduce the risk of any injury.

Valmet recently developed a high temperature refractory plug that is custom- shaped for the Valmet insertable smelt spout. This new product is designed to provide a quick and reliable option for operators to intentionally terminate smelt flow to a smelt spout.

With the ability to quickly and safely plug a smelt spout, the ability to perform maintenance work now becomes safer and more straightforward. The spout plug is designed to keep the handle level and anchored in place to the micro-hood system for a safer way to operate. When the plug is in place it is now easier to inspect and clean hood internals while the unit is online.

For a closer look at how Valmet smelt spout plug and interlocking handle works, Valmet has placed a video on YouTube entitled Smelt Spout Plug Installation.

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