Valmet provides shutdown and maintenance planning

The success of any shutdown is critical. Now, more than ever, relying on a trusted partner for maintenance planning and shutdown management can put a mill in a position to achieve its goals. Though outside factors and a volatile market are adding uncertainty to every business, Valmet has the experience and resources to provide peace of mind regarding being prepared for future performance.

Valmet shutdown management includes delivery planning, coordination and execution of shutdown projects. This includes transparency in both planning and execution phases with cost and schedule management, as well as safety planning for the whole shutdown process. Valmet experts plan, execute and develop maintenance activities according to needs, so management can concentrate on business. Valmet carefully considers the necessary spare parts involved to help customers plan and optimize spare parts deliveries and minimize downtime from unplanned outages or maintenance delays.

For a closer look at how Valmet helps customers manage the shutdown planning cycle, see the associated chart or visit

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