Pro-face America releases new eXtreme HMI series

Ann Arbor, MI – Pro-face America has released the new SP5000X eXtreme HMI Series. This new series is an exciting addition to the Pro-face family and provides a solution to the automation industry’s long time need for HMIs that can be used in extreme and hazardous conditions, including outdoor applications.

Combine the 7”, or 12” SP5000X wide sunlight readable display made with an aluminum die-cast, stainless steel bezel, with the SP5B90X box unit to create an overall eXtreme solution. This combination offers operating temperatures ranging from -30º to 70º C, a high brightness liquid crystal panel displaying screens at 1000 nits, and a UL 50E Type 4X outdoor use rating. The SP5000X series is suitable for multiple applications under harsh environmental conditions (3C3), including use in vehicles such as fire trucks, trains, and construction equipment; parking lots and gas stations; and the oil and gas industry. Connect a J1939 communication module to Engine Control Units (ECU) to monitor and control electric generators, highway trucks, agriculture machines, and construction machines.

George Caudle, Pro-face America offer manager, said: “With sunlight readable displays, UV protection with UL50E Type 4x NEMA rating, conformal coating, and vibration/shock resistance more than twice that of the competition, this outdoor rated, rugged HMI is ready to provide data collection and remote maintenance solutions for eXtreme applica- Pro-face America releases new eXtreme HMI series tions. Pro-face is proud to offer yet another innovative and unique product.”

Pro-face hardware and software is installed in more than 300,000 factory- floor systems worldwide.. For more information about Pro-face products visit

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