Ice-cream packaging moving towards greater fibre use

With the move towards greener food packaging, ice-cream producers are moving into fibrebased packaging to replace the plastic or metal.

Stora Enso, based in Helsinki, Finland, has designed a fibre- based, ice-cream package for artisan ice-cream manufacturer Vanhan Porvoon Jäätelötehdas and the design has received an international WorldStar award.

“This ice cream package demonstrates quite clearly how various industries can use less plastic and look to renewable material alternatives”, said Timo Anonen, product manager at Stora Enso. The development of the packaging started when the customer saw an EcoFish- Box by Stora Enso fish packaging made of a similar material.

The renewable and recyclable packaging was designed by product designer Outi Honkavaara at Stora Enso’s DesignStudio in Lahti, Finland. The corrugated board ice-cream package that won the WorldStar award will replace the plastic and metal packages previously used to sell bulk ice cream. The old packages had to be washed and returned, meaning that the new ones will save on storage and costs. The corrugated board packages are delivered as flat sheets and can be flattened again after use and sent for recycling.

The new corrugated packaging is 95% renewable material with a thin PET film barrier approved for food contact. The corrugated packaging also has better insulation properties than previously used packages.

In the U.S., Memphis-based Evergreen Packaging, a global leader in plant-based packaging solutions has also announced a partnership that brings together its fully-renewable icecream board with Stanpac Packaging and Oatly Non-dairy Frozen Dessert to provide a package that meets Oatly’s focus on environmental responsibility and sustainability. Oatly Frozen, made from oats instead of cow’s milk, has switched to Evergreen Packaging’s Sentinel fully-renewable ice-cream board through its packaging converting partner Stanpac Packaging. Sentinel is a first of its kind, ecofriendly paper-based packaging made with an innovative renewable coating derived from sugarcane.

Sentinel products from Evergreen Packaging come from renewable resources, paper derived from trees in forests where responsible forest practices are used and where overall growth exceeds use. The coating on this Sentinel Ice Cream Board is sugarcane-based polyethylene, making the board fully renewable, since both the paper and the coating come from sources that can be regenerated. Sentinel offers excellent converting performance, superior strength and outstanding print quality. No change to existing converting equipment was required to use Sentinel.

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