BTG’s MACSbleach cuts costs for Chuetsu by up to 15%

London, UK - Chuetsu Pulp & Paper, one of Japan’s largest pulp and paper producers, has selected BTG Group to support its move towards improving the bleaching process in two of its bleaching lines by implementing MACSbleach to optimize the bleaching chemicals usage.

The BTG expertise and close customer interaction is credited with reducing bleaching chemical costs by 10-15% or twice the targeted reduction at the project’s start. At the same time, the variability of the pulp brightness has been reduced by 20-50%, which in turn has helped stabilize overall bleached pulp quality despite incoming raw material and process disturbances.

This project was conceived early in 2019 with a target to improve pulp quality stability and to lower the bleaching costs at Chuetsu’s Takaoka and Sendai hardwood pulp mills. The BTG solution involved a combination of unique bleach plant measurements (e.g. total kappa, lignin and HexA kappa, brightness) combined with model predictive controls which allow MACSbleach to automatically respond to incoming variables while maintaining stable pulp quality.

Close cooperation and pro - active interaction between the BTG and Chuetsu project team members resulted in project completion in record time without sacrificing desired key performance indicators.

Success was facilitated by the user friendliness of BTG MACSbleach interface which allows operators to clearly visualize in real time what is happening in different parts of the process using the data- PARC platform, an analysis software program. BTG application experts provided assistance through off-site and on-site interaction with the operators to constantly optimize the process.

Chuetsu management credited BTG’s strong expertise in unique bleach plant measurements, advance process controls and application expertise combined with their unique customer interaction for the delivery of solid benefits in the bleaching process optimization project which enhanced competitiveness and efficiency.

“BTG were honoured to be selected by Chuetsu Pulp to execute advanced process control projects at their Takaoka and Sendai fibre lines. The collaborative approach taken by the Chuetsu and BTG teams was key to delivering the projects on time and meeting performance guarantees” said Keith Waters, BTG Group general manager.

BTG to supply online kappa analyzer to Iggesund Paperboard AB

Iggesund Paperboard AB, Saffle, Sweden, is opting for the online Fibber Kappa analyzer from BTG Instruments to measure fiber kappa at the outlet of the continuous digester of the hardwood fiberline of its integrated pulp mill.

The online Kappa analysis at the digester blow-line is performed under extreme process conditions and the measurement is critical to control the cooking process. BTG has a proven capability of providing highly reliable Kappa measurements using Single Point Kappa technology operating continuously with significantly higher frequency of measurements compared to a traditional multipoint Kappa analyzer. Over 150 units of these state-of-the-art reliable fiber kappa analyzers are running globally.

BTG Instruments,

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