Sharp chain systems – with Nytro-PVL

For 3”-4” and most common 6” pitch sharp chains.

Can-Am Chains has had the benefit of many years experience with chain and sprocket relationships. Using this sharp chain system’s approach will extend the chain’s life. Components and advantages include:

Chain: hardened components; replaceable bushings in the block links, and pins ground with smooth finish.

Sprockets: designed with optimum surface area on chain to share the load – induction hardened 50-55HC ¼” depth. Nytro-PVL (engineered plastic rail) delivers lower co-efficiency of friction = lower energy costs; high PV (pressure velocity) and selflubricating features extend chain life by absorbing impact and lowering operating temperatures; lubrication – less lubrication is required (payback can be substantial); noise – decibel levels drop dramatically.

Lube system: part of the PLC supplied to ensure correct lubricating oil enters the chain and rail. Can-Am Chains provides performance warrantees to all customers working with all the above components.

Can-Am Chains,

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