Chrome free yankee thermal spray coating

The new Valmet Infinikote®-2 yankee metallizing spray coating contains no chrome and generates no hexavalent chrome during application.

Valmet claims it is the most environmentally safe and durable yankee metallizing coating available.

The primary performance objectives developing Infinikote-2 were to remove the environmental and safety concerns associated with thermally sprayed products con taining chrome and to apply the thermal coating with a similar process to current produccts while creating a suitable surface for tissue production.

Valmet Infinikote-2 Yankee Metallizing achieves this while being 100% chrome-free; and it equals or surpasses all current measured criteria for thermal spray coating performance. Other benefits deliver long service life expectation through improved wear resistance; a uniform surface for best sheet adhesion during tissue production; and better paper quality – ideal for ceramic doctor blades. Improvements in comparison to previous Valmet yankee thermal coatings include better corrosion resistance and improved heat transfer properties.


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