FPInnovations talks about Near-Neutral Brightening

Canada’s FPInnovations’ latest successful implementation of its near-neutral brightening (NNB) technology application at a pulp and paper mill was the topic of a presentation at the Pulping, Engineering, Environmental, Recycling, and Sustainability (PEERS) Conference in Portland, OR, in October 28 to 31, 2018.

The implementation was at the Domtar kraft mill in Johnsonburg, PA. Michael Subilia, process engineer and continuous improvement lead at Domtar, presented the case.

According to the report, the NNB trial results demonstrated that the historical brightness loss was eliminated in the HD tower and chlorine dioxide was saved while maintaining the target final pulp brightness.

“NNB technology maximizes the efficiency of chlorine dioxide bleaching in pulp mills,” said Theodore Radiotis, FPInnovations lead scientist. “That helps mills to remain competitive in an increasingly global market.”

The proprietary treatment of brightening pulp was developed by FPInnovations scientists. They demonstrated that generating sodium bicarbonate in situ by adding carbon dioxide to alkaline pulp, or sodium carbonate to acidic pulp, to maintain a pH close to neutral throughout the final chlorine dioxide brightening stage, is the ideal strategy for economically obtaining high brightness. With this technology, the demand for chlorine dioxide can be reduced up to 10lb/st (5 kg/t).

FPInnovations, www.fpinnovations.ca

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