Ahlstrom-Munksjö has new fibre solution for U-shaped paper straws

Helsinki, Finland - Ahlstrom- Munksjö has extended its range of fiber-based solutions for paper drinking straws with a new innovative U-shaped drinking straw in co-operation with Seoil Corporation.

The expanded CelluStraw U provides the converting industry with best performing fiber-based material for this technically challenging Ushaped design. “U-shaped straws present a technological challenge for fiber-based solutions as the shape demands an outstanding degree of folding flexibility. Our technical team successfully addressed each challenge one by one to develop the best performing fiber-based material for this application,” comments Dr. Noël Cartier, vice-president of research and development for Ahlstrom- Munksjo’s food packaging business.

CelluStraw has been specially designed to address the food industry’s emerging initiatives to phase out single- use plastic straws. The material has now been tested and qualified also for U-shaped paper straws enabling Ahlstrom-Munksjö to provide this innovative solution to Seoil and its strategic partners.

“Seoil Corporation is a South Korea-based long standing leading manufacturer of drinking straws and foldable utensils. Seoil has already launched the market leading Ushaped paper straws in selected geographies and will roll it out globally in the coming months,” comments Mr. Ken Kim, president of Seoil Corporation.

Ahlstrom-Munksjo in early spring introduced a fibre based straight drinking straw solution. “The Ushaped paper straw is yet another good example of our competence in fiber based materials, and how we push the boundaries of what fibers can do. We are proud to introduce one of the first solutions for Ushaped paper straws in partnership with our esteemed partner Seoil Corporation,” says Brian Oost, vice president, product management and marketing, food packaging, specialties business area.

The CelluStraw range consists of specialty paper grades respectively developed for the inner and outer plies of paper straws. CelluStraw is recognized to run particularly well on high-speed converting machines for aseptic beverage cartons. Its high wet-strength and mechanical resistance delivers good product integrity, ensuring paper straws remain in excellent condition once converted and will withstand in liquids for a sufficient time.

CelluStraw is made of responsibly sourced natural fibers, is renewable, biodegradable and safe for food contact. CelluStraw is also recyclable according to EN 13430 and bio - degradable and suitable for home and industrial composting according to EN 13432 standards.

Ahstrom-Munksjo, www.ahstrom-munksjo.com

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