Proposed treatment plant using Veolia Water Technologies process

NORTHERN PULP NOVA SCOTIA Corporation (Northern Pulp) submitted in October a focus report for environmental assessment to the Nova Scotia government for the replacement of an aging effluent treatment facility with a new state-of-the art project using Veolia Water Technologies biological activated sludge process.

Public comment on the project was received until Nov. 8 and the minister of environment has until Dec. 17 to announce a decision on the project. Earlier in the year, former environment Margaret Miller asked for additional information before making a ruling on the new project.

Northern Pulp’s bleached softwood kraft pulp mill is located at Abercrombie Point adjacent to Pictou Harbour in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. The proposed project will consist of the development of a new effluent (wastewater) treatment facility constructed on Northern Pulp property, and a transmission pipeline that will carry treated effluent overland and into the marine environment and discharge via an engineered diffuser (marine outfall).

The new treatment facility will employ the AnoxKaldnes BAS Biological Activated Sludge process purchased from Veolia Water Technologies, which combines Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) technology with conventional activated sludge. Once treated onsite at Northern Pulp’s facility, effluent will be sent through an approximately 15-kilometre long pipeline.

The pipeline will enter the south side of Pictou Harbour and make landfall on the north side of the harbour roughly following Highway 106 right-ofway to Caribou, and then re-enters the marine environment adjacent to the Northumberland Ferries marine terminal and continues for approximately four kilometres through Caribou Harbour to the Northumberland Strait, terminating at an engineered marine outfall.

“We have worked incredibly hard over the past six months on this science-based document that we believe will provide a clear path to an approved project,” said Bruce Chapman, Northern Pulp general manager.

Veolia Water Technologies,

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