MTR Martco pulper retrofits/conversions

MTR Martco, Middletown, OH specializes in pulper retrofits and conversion packages that extend the life and upgrade the operation of any older style batch, continuous or undermachine broke pulper.

There are several of these performance- enhancing packages which include various extraction chamber designs with a replaceable packing box, wear-plate sealing ring and flat-wall tub baffles.

When it’s critical to get a pulper back in production fast, MTR Martco has a pulper drive and repair program and can rebuild the drives or offer an exchange program. If the core from the old drive is re-usable, its value is credited against the cost of the exchange.

When rebuilding drives, any non-conforming components are restored to original specifications or replaced with all new components. Klingelnberg cut gears are used on all drive repairs to greatly improve wear resistance and drive efficiency. A variety of common drives in various ratios are in stock for immediate delivery.

MTR Martco,

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