NDC Moistrex MX8000 offers rapid off-line moisture measurement

NDC Technologies, Dayton, OH, says its Moistrex MX8000 portable at-line paper moisture analyzer provides paper and board makers, paper converters and printers with fast, accurate moisture content measurement of a wide variety of papers, either at-line or in the QC laboratory.

Complement your gauging system – provide rapid access to sample test results enabling continuity testing between the lab and the process, perform quick checks for process re-adjustment and deliver improved process insight.

Get versatile measurements – the Moistrex MX8000 has a moisture measurement range of 1-15%, making it ideal for moisture testing finished papers and boards or measuring moisture at critical stages in paper converting.

Easy to use – simply place a sheet of paper in the waveguide, select the paper type and type in the basis weight, close the lid and an accurate result is displayed within a few seconds.

The MX8000 paper moisture analyzer is available in two configurations, depending on the basis weight of the paper or board: MX8000-T80 for lighter papers (30-400 gsm); MX8000-T20 for heavier papers and board (150-1200 gsm).

Notable features include:

• 1-15% moisture range for paper and board between 30-1200 gsm
• Ideal for use in ISO9000 quality procedures
• Supplied pre-calibrated for a wide range of common paper types
• Calibration is unaffected by color, surface finish, sizing, conductive salts or fibre length
• Measurement time less then 10 seconds
• Multilingual interface

All systems are backed by NDC’s dedicated worldwide customer service organization available 24-7 via myNDC cloud service.

NDC Technologies, www.ndc.com

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