AMP NEMA 24 frame integrated motors use dual-port communications for more efficient network topologies

Watsonville, CA-based Applied Motion Products (AMP) has two new NEMA 24 frame integrated motors with dual-port communications for connecting to the industrial EtherNet/ IP network of a plant or machine. AMP says that by incorporating two M12 EtherNet/IP connectors instead of just one on each axis, the SWM24IP- 3DE integrated stepper motor and TXM24IP-IDG StepSERVO™ integrated motor support more efficient network topologies such as line networks and daisy-chain connections.

EtherNet/IP network communications are the widely used protocol for manufacturing automation applications. With it, users can control, configure and query a drive using an open, standards-based, industrial EtherNet connection at speeds up to 100 Mbits/s. All drive and motor features are accessible over the EtherNet/IP network including over 100 commands and 130 registers for controlling motion, I/O, configuration, polling, math, register manipulation and Q programming.

The additional EtherNet/IP communications port on the AMP motors allows cost savings and design simplification by reducing cables, eliminating cable trays and downsizing network switches. For example, in a star network, every single motor must connect to the central switch on a dedicated cable. In a line network using motors with dual-port communications, only the closest motor connects to the switch with the rest connecting to each other in a daisy-chain configuration. In addition to shortening cable runs between motors, only one port is needed for the entire network which means a smaller Ethernet switch.

The SWM24IP-3DE and TXM24IP- 1DG integrated motors are IP65 rated for use in splash-zone and dirty environments. Each motor features a NEMA 24 (60-mm) mounting flange which has the same mounting dimensions as a NEMA 23 motor but with a larger shaft to accommodate a higher torque output.

Both motors include a built-in encoder for enhanced positioning capabilities. The SWM24IP-3DE can perform stall detection and stall prevention functions for more reliable and accurate performance than an openloop motor and in a broader range of applications.

The TXM24IP-1DG utilizes AMP’s StepSERVO™ closed-loop stepper technology to improve the performance of the step motor with greater acceleration, increased efficiency and accuracy as well as decreased motor heating and noise.

Applied Motion Products,

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