Bionomic ScrubPac VentClean scrubber removes tank car emissions

Minotola, NJ-based Bionomic Industries, Inc. says its new ScrubPac™ VentClean system is a compact, high-efficiency “packaged” system that can provide over 99% removal of storage tank and rail car vent emissions caused by breathing and filling operations. It can handle both single and multiple sources with large variations in venting rates with equally high removal efficiency.

The system uses a triple-action scrubbing technology; it is available in four model sizes to handle gas capacities from 0 to 1,500 acfm, and two unique (Type 1 and Type 2) operating configurations. Type 1 is economically priced and con figured to use water on a once-through basis. Type 2 incorporates a special circulation pump and uses water at a reduced consumption rate, or a chemical reagent such as sodium hydroxide on a re-circulated batch basis. The system features super-tough corrosion resistant construction for long-lasting in-field operation and offers a low pressure scrubber design to avoid dangerous over-pressurization of glass-fibre and plastic storage tanks.

Typical applications include HCI recovery, removal of acid gases, alcohols, formaldehyde, amines and many more.

Bionomic Industries, Inc.,

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