Veolia HPD system for Smurfit Kappa Mill in Spain

Veolia Water Technologies Inc., Plainfield, IL, has a contract with Smurfit Kappa to supply state-of-the-art HPD® systems at the Sangüesa mill in Northern Spain which provides the raw materials for producers of paper bags.

The aim is to increase the liquor treatment capacity and optimize recovery boiler operational efficiency resulting in an upgrade of around 30% of present operations.

In order to minimize downtime, Veolia’s solution provides a forced-circulation low-energy concentrator. Recent design innovations give the unit minimal washing needs which do not disrupt production while achieving designed production rates.

The concentrator and peripheral equipment design also addresses the constrained space requirements. With minimal recirculation piping, structural steel and civil works, the concentrator’s reduced footprint cuts over-all site construction costs. Veolia says the new system — which also includes two falling film evaporators with pre-heaters, condensers and a vacuum system — will enhance chemical recovery by raising the liquor concentration to 72% dry solids (virgin) to the recovery boiler while producing highquality condensate for re-use to conserve water.

Reduced energy consumption was also met through lower steam demands thanks to a design adapted to minimize fouling, foaming and scaling which increased heat transfer efficiencies in comparison with other technologies.

Veolia Water Technologies,

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