MTI initiates Envirofil PCC production at UPM

New York-based Minerals Technologies Inc. (MTI) says it completed the first commercial installation and deployment of Envirofil® PCC at UPMKymmene Corp.’s paper mill in Schongau, Germany. UPM specializes in graphic papers. About 50,000 dry tonnes/y (t/y) of recovered pigments are scheduled for paper production at UPM’s satellite plant.

Envirofil PCC is an innovative recycling technology that allows papermakers to recover mineral pigments from de-inking residue by converting these raw materials to Envirofil PCC. The company says the process has proved to improve wastepaper yield, cutting solid waste disposal costs and reducing the environmental impact of the de-inking process.

Wolfgang Ohnesorg, GM of UPM Schongau, said “UPM’s research into paper-mill sidestreams aims to find more efficient ways to utilize byproducts. In line with UPM’s Biofore approach, we continuously develop innovative ways to reduce our own waste and residues and to recycle waste into new products.”

Ohnesorg said the collaboration with MTI is part of UPM’s Zero Solid Waste target which aims to develop solutions for recycling surplus materials to ensure that they produce added value. “We already recycle or recover 90% of the process waste at UPM with our goal to further reduce the emissions and waste related to our production.”

• MTI said in May that it had signed an agreement with Century Pulp & Paper to install and operate a 45,000-t/y satellite PCC plant at its Lalkuan mill in India for start-up in 2Q2020. This will be the sixth MTI plant in India.

In 1986, MTI originated the satellite concept for making and delivering PCC on site at paper mills. Today, it has nearly 60 satellite plants in operation or under construction around the world.

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