Valmet SideStream disc filter sectors are versatile

Engineered with maintenance in mind, Valmet SideStream® disc filter sectors are adaptable, long-lasting and provide optimal thickening.

Replacement sectors are available for Celleco®, Hedemora®, Beloit Polydisk and IMPCO® disc filters, as well as those from other manufacturers and based on site audit and evaluation. Retrofitting equipment with SideStream disc filter segments lets mills increase capacity without the added costs and downtime associated with new capital investments.

Compared to predecessors, SideStream sectors are lighter in weight and offer increases in both hydraulic capacity and filtration area. A revolutionary side-discharge mechanism optimizes sector drainage and minimizes internal volume.

An external covering made of corrugated steel mesh maximizes the drainage surface area, is easy to clean and extends the life of the sector. An inner structure made of rugged, composite material contributes to the sectors’ sturdy, yet lightweight build. The lighter weight reduces load on the centre core and enables easier service and maintenance.

A re-imagined sector holder also acts as a collection point for the filtrate, maximizing filtrate removal. Retrofitting Side- Stream segments onto an existing disc filter is a cost-effective way to increase capacity, says Valmet.


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