Kadant Solutions nForce doctor blade is for high-performance service

Auburn, MA-based Kadant Solutions, a division of Kadant Inc. says its nForce™ doctor blade is the latest advance in nanotechnology-enhanced composite doctor blades. The proprietary blade incorporates a tough, metal-reinforced layer and inherent sticky-resistant properties.

According to Scott Borges, product line manager for doctor systems, “The nForce doctor blade is ideal for processes using recycled fiber afflicted by heavy contaminants and stubborn stickies. The high-performance doctor blades have been shown to require fewer blade changes and have the potential for reduced operating costs while enhancing over-all doctoring and machine efficiency.”

Kadant says that nanotechnology, in terms of doctor blade materials, is the inclusion of micro-particulate materials into the resin matrix. The nanotechnology- enhanced resin provides a more homogeneous structure than can be achieved by conventional filler particles alone, with the composite resin matrix being manipulated on a molecular scale to produce high-performing, wear-resistant doctor blades.

A doctor blade will effectively clean the roll surface only as long as its leading edge remains strong enough to do so. The nanotechnology-enhanced resin matrix is engineered to increase the longevity of the blade and its leading edge. Longer life translates directly to fewer blade changes and lower operating costs while maintaining the cleaning function necessary for machine efficiency. Each nanotechnology-enhanced doctor blade is designed for rolls where the removal of contaminants is particularly challenging and extended blade life is required.

Kadant’s nanotechnology-enhanced doctor blades are also offered under the trade names: nPak™, nDure™, nTek™ and nClean™.

Kadant Solutions, www.kadant.com

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