Voith PaperSchool offers customized paper industry training

Voith says the new web-site for its PaperSchool is now on-line and offers comprehensive training courses covering all aspects of paper manufacturing. In addition to a wide range of existing courses, participants can access personalized training content. Courses from PaperSchool impart knowledge using the latest methods including computer-assisted training, virtual reality and hands-on training on the actual machines and equipment. This allows current employees and new trainees to achieve sustained improvement in their skills and know-how.

Whether new employees are hired for machine operation, maintenance or management, paper producers are constantly faced with the challenge of instructing and training them. Further development of existing employees is also a critical need. Training both groups is necessary to ensure safe and efficient plant operation across the entire papermaking process.

However, the resources and expertise needed to provide this kind of training are often lacking. As a full-line supplier with a broad range of services, Voith offers targeted training programs strengthened by the latest bestpractice experience through its well-established PaperSchool, a component of its Servolution concept. In doing so, Voith can draw on its long-standing experience and expertise in this area: in fact, the long-established company conducted its first customer training in 1910.

Customer-specific and standardized modules. The courses are available at Voith Training Centres around the world, on site at a customer’s paper mill and on line. Through the PaperSchool, participants can develop specialized knowledge under the guidance of Voith experts. The training is tailored to a trainee’s specific needs and can impart basic, intermediate and advanced knowledge.

The courses cover various areas of paper production and stock preparation including maintenance, strategies and methodologies.

Effective training methods. Different methods are used to impart industry knowledge and skills: classroom; hands-on; e-learning; virtual reality. In classroom training, an expert provides the trainees with general knowledge about paper production and answers questions. With hands-on training, trainees learn certain tasks in a controlled classroom-setting under instruction. The training also can be extended to include exposure to real-life conditions on the machines. The e-learning method allows participants to learn according to their own timetable, regardless of location – and is available 24/7.

Innovative virtual reality training. One new kind of learning opportunity comes through virtual reality — interactive training in a computer-generated environment. The technology makes it possible to create a virtual copy of an entire paper machine or simulate a hazardous production situation without actually endangering the trainee. In addition, virtual reality training can be used to allow trainees to learn and practice various assembly operations before having to perform maintenance on the actual machine.

Learning outcomes are ensured by means of continuous testing and repetition. Additionally, a support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions a trainee may have. In the future, training can also be easily scheduled via the Voith Paper Webshop.

Voith PaperSchool: www.voith.com/paperschool

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