ITT Inc. creates machinery iALERT monitoring solution

i-ALERT, Seneca Falls, NY, sensors monitor the equipment health of any rotating machinery such as rolls, pumps, motors, fans and more. A Bluetooth smart wireless connection APP allows monitoring from a safe distance.

Using the latest Micro-Electromechanical Sensors (MEMS) and Bluetooth wireless communications technologies, ITT Inc. has created a tool that better fits the needs of machine reliability practitioners.

i-Alert’s sensor quickly scans multiple machines at once enabling coverage of more equipment with less resources, freeing time for analysis and trouble shooting.

Easy to use by every-day users, the sensors are dustproof/waterproof (IP68) and intrinsically safe (C1D1, Zone 0). They measure temperature, 3 axis vibration, have an operating hours tracker and data storage of trend readings every 2- 60-min; take FFT and trend point on alarm and store 170 days of hourly data points.

With its Ai platform, the i-ALERT app enables monitoring and editing of each sensor’s details from a simple web interface. The i-ALERT Gateway allows continuous remote monitoring of the AI platform.

ITT Inc.,

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