EDT Repulpase helps to deal with difficult broke

Enzymatic Deinking Technologies, LLC (EDT), Norcross, GA, develops and commercializes enzyme-based treatments for the pulp and paper industry. EDT's applications span both recovered fibre and virgin pulp processing.

In fibre recycling applications, the company works with mills on customized treatments for a variety of value propositions spanning improvements in optical and physical properties, and throughput/operations. The company has an increasing focus of work in energy reduction and in helping mills reach their corporate sustainability goals. Each treatment is tailored to a mill's furnish, deinking plant system, key operating conditions and the desired goals from the application.

EDT works with mills processing virgin pulp in the extractives management of mechanical pulps, fibre modification and in the bio-bleaching of bleached kraft pulps.

EDT is currently offering its Repulpase as an enzymatic treatment to improve the defiberization of difficult broke.

Enzymatic Deinking Technologies, LLC, www.edt-enzymes.com

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