Andritz PrimeScreen X offers nextgeneration screening performance

Graz, Austria-based Andritz has launched PrimeScreen X, the next generation of its ModuScreen family of pressure screens. The new screen has been thoroughly tested in the most demanding OCC applications and shows significant improvements in energy efficiency, screening performance and maintainability.

The PrimeScreen X builds on the success of more than 5,400 globally installed Andritz pressure screens in stock preparation applications and offers additional and innovative key benefits.

Top-feed stock inlet. The top-down design takes advantage of gravity to remove heavy contaminants quickly and minimize wear on the rotor and screen basket. Top-down also improves the removal of light rejects, preventing the accumulation in the feed area, which again extends the life of wearing components.

New PrimeRotor and foil design. The PrimeScreen X can be equipped with the new PrimeRotor which improves screening efficiency and reduces energy consumption by up to 25%, compared to a competitive screen in a comparable application. The PrimeRotor foils are interchangeable with any other Andritz foils and the rotor may be installed in any screen type on the market.

Easier maintenance. The design of the new rotor attachment and basket fixing results in reduced downtime as the maintenance and replacement of the rotor and basket is quick and easy.

Enhanced geometry. The optimized screen basket height-to-diameter ratios comply with the requirements of different furnishes and applications, helping to reduce the thickening factors and leading to a better control of fiber loss.

Versatile application. The PrimeScreen X is suited to all screening applications independent of the raw materials.


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