ABB Envisage connects devices to reduceenergy cost and digitize maintenance

ABB has launched Envisage, ascalable and open software solution to drive energy cost reduction and a tool to broadcastactionable data to increase uptime by digitizing maintenance.

ABB says that Envisagetakes the most ambitious routeto combine the software benefits of energy management,asset management and predictive maintenance. The genesisof Envisage was the need tobridge the gap between smartedge devices and EnterpriseResource Planning (ERP) systems with one software solution. This required thedevelopment of a software platform to support most third-party manufacturers for ease ofintegration.

“At its core, Envisage is avirtual window into your facility that is designed to take advantage of continuingdigitalization,” said AlessandroPalin, MD of ABB’s Distribution Solutions business. “Withevery digital solution we produce, ABB realizes the importance of beingforward-compatible with theInternet of Things (IoT) andbig data analytics but also considers our customer’s needs tobe reverse-compatible withlegacy devices.”

Benefits across industries.Envisage provides benefitsacross heavy industries such asfactories and refineries, and infrastructure support such as forhospitals, universities, datacentres, utilities and watertreatment plants. ABB saysthat the software reduces energy and maintenance spending, increases facility uptimeand helps end users meet energy reduction and sustainability goals. It can centralizedisparate information such asdocumentation, infrared images, and test reports for easeof access and data trending.

ABB Envisage brings together independent operationssuch as power management,HVAC, fire safety and video toenable centralized monitoringand control over these systemsfor the entire facility. There isalso full support for real timeand historic trending of water,air, gas, electricity and steam(WAGES).

Tracking costs. Energytracking and reporting are keydriving efficiency. Departmental cost allocation is aided withvirtual meters which aggregateenergy consumption from realmeters. A shadow bill can becompared to a facility’s actualutility bill.

By monitoring power quality with ABB Envisage, previously hidden events becomevisible which helps to determine the cause of an unplanned outage. By harnessingthe power of today’s connecteddevices and software analytics,ABB says that Envisage canprovide a strategic maintenance dashboard that willgather digital maintenance information, environmental conditions and user-definedcriticality rankings to predictthe optimum time for service.


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