Nalco corrosioninhibitor is forcooling water

Sugar Land, TX-based Nalco Champion, anEcolab Company, has launched a yellow metalcorrosion inhibitor for cooling water that it saysprovides superior asset protection to customers,while reducing environmental impact and improving supply stability compared to traditionaltreatment chemistries.

This internally manufactured and patentedinnovation enhances Ecolab’s 3D TRASAR™Technology that saves customers nearly 150Bgal/y of water a year. It does this by combininginnovative chemistry, remote services and sophisticated monitoring and control in 36,000connected systems globally, collecting 27 billiondata points that are used to deliver customizedon-site expertise.

3D TRASAR systems detect the upsets thatprecede scaling, corrosion and biofouling, anddeliver the appropriate chemical response. Theresult is a balanced, efficient and safe cooling,boiler or membrane system that requires lessmaintenance, eliminates over-and under-dosingof chemicals, increases efficiency, protects production equipment and reduces costs.

It is developed to function under high-stressconditions brought on by corrosive waters, aggressive halogenations and high holding times,allowing users to further reduce their waterfootprint.

Nalco Champion,

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