CO2 Solutions commissioning carbon capture unit at Resolute Saint-Félicien

Quebec City, QC-based CO2Solutions Inc. recentlyprovided an update on its first commercial project withFibrek General Partnership, a subsidiary of ResoluteForest Products Inc. and Serres Toundra Inc. The project involves the deployment of a 30-tonne per day (t/d)CO2capture unit and ancillary equipment at Resolute’s pulp mill in Saint-Félicien, QC, and the commercial re-use of the captured CO2by the adjacentToundra Greenhouse complex.

Commissioning of the CO2capture unit started onMarch 14, 2019. The start-up was preceded by the pre-operation verification of each of the capture unit’s systems after which the unit was put into operation andthe first tonnes of CO2were captured. The companynow expects to ramp-up the over-all capture rate to validate the unit’s nominal capacity of 30 t/d of CO2.

The construction of the CO2 capture unit waspartly financed by Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) and the Technoclimat program ofthe Quebec government as well as a loan from CanadaEconomic Development (CED).

Said Richard Surprenant, CO2Solutions’ ChiefTechnology Officer, “This unit, a 3x scale-up from ourcurrently operating 10-tpd unit in Montreal-East, confirms the position of our proprietary enzymatictechnology as the world’s most advanced second-generation carbon capture technology. We have demonstrated once again the dependability and simplicity ofour enzymatic technology.”

Once the Saint-Félicien unit reaches its nominal capacity of 30 t/d of CO2, a six-month demonstration period will begin followed by the start of the commercialphase when the company will generate revenues fromthe sale of the CO2to Toundra Greenhouse.This unit, the company’s second operating CO2capture unit, is a first-of-a-kind commercialunit and, as a result, it confirms the enzymatictechnology’s attainment of Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 8.

It will provide several benefits to its stakeholders, from generating revenues for CO2Solutions, to reducing the Resolute pulp mill’sCO2emissions and enhancing the growth ofToundra Greenhouse’s production with a non-fossil source of CO2. Of particular note is that,unlike CO2capture processes that use toxicamine chemicals, the CO2Solutions’ enzymatictechnology produces no toxic emissions orwastes, making it a clean-tech process that isclean, a rarity among known CO2capture technologies. CO2Solutions has built an extensivepatent portfolio covering the use of carbonic anhydrase, or analogues thereof, for the efficientpost-combustion capture of carbon dioxide withlowenergy aqueous solvents.

CO2 Solutions Inc.,

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