Valmet QC systems to supply process and quality vision systems to Blue Paper, France, and Paprinsa, Spain

Finland’s Valmet will supply its IQ Web Monitoring System (WMS) and an IQ Web Inspection System (WIS) to Blue Paper SAS’s PM1 in Strasbourg, France. The systems will improve the machine’s over-all production efficiency.

Typically, the value of these kinds of automation system deliveries is under €1 million.

The IQ WMS has 21 cameras throughout the whole production process on PM 1 and the IQ WIS combines transmission and reflection detection. The high-speed cameras will monitor critical process areas and help operators to analyze the root causes of runnability disturbances.

Blue Paper’s mill is one of Europe’s biggest producers of corrugated base papers — up to 400 kt/y — solely from 100% recovered paper. Blue Paper was established in 2013 when UPM Kymmene Group sold the Strasbourg LWC mill to the German Klingele Group and Belgian VPK Packaging Group, who converted it to its current product output.

• As well, Valmet will supply an IQ Quality Control System (QCS), a related reporting system and its recentlylaunched DNA IQ Dashboard to Papelera del Principado, SA’s (Paprinsa) cartonboard machine in Spain. The systems will improve machine runnability and the over-all quality of the end-product.

Typically, the value of these kinds of automation systems is under €1 million.

The IQ QCS has three scanners and related measurements and controls. With more process information available, the machine can be controlled better, resulting in improved machine performance and end-product quality. In addition, faster start-ups and grade changes will increase production efficiency.

The delivery also includes a connection to the existing distributed control system (DCS) and a Valmet DNA IQ Dashboard, which provides real-time and recent history information, allowing users to better react to changing situations.

The Valmet IQ Reporting package consists of jumbo roll and customer roll reporting and management of laboratory data. With these data, operators can follow and control the paper quality and production on-line, as well as see machine history.

With the help of the Valmet DNA Roll Monitoring tool, operators can confirm quality information for customer orders. Founded in 1978, Paprinsa produces high-quality coated cartonboard for domestic and international markets using 100% recycled fiber.


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